Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wonderful News!!!!

No, Raisa is not 100%. She is still critical and in a coma and isolated. The wonderful news is that her surgery went so great that the surgeons were able to move one of her drainage tubes while they had her on the table putting her on the different dialysis. It's great that she was so strong that they felt comfortable doing that. And, Tony talked to the kidney doctor, for the first time by the way, and was told that he expects her kidneys to come back 100%. They are shut down but she is not in renal failure as I feared. I've heard of this but not that often. I guess serious illness shuts them down without damaging them so they can bounce back when the body isn't dealing with so many toxins. Strange!
Anyway, I really hope the housing situation is straightened out by tomorrow since Tony's room was only rented for two days. He said he's going back to Hickel House tomorrow so I guess it's all right. Kiki told the nurse that she would camp out on a couch in the PICU if she had to but I really hope it doesn't come to that.
The big ball of stress in my chest has eased somewhat and I can finally draw a deep breath and think of what it's going to be like when she gets home. I know that her life is still in danger but I'm really hopeful that she's going to come home. Every day that she doesn't get another infection is another day that her lungs have to heal so I've been going one day at a time.
Well, we stayed at the pastor's house too late tonight and I'm sooooooo tired so g'night.

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Jaime said...

I heard your "stayed too late", Sister!! :-) I feel your pain. That's a long road to Soldotna when you are sleepy!!!!

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