Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This child keeps her family on a roller coaster! Raisa's right lung has healed enough for her to use it and her respiratory support is down to 50%. She has taken over the other 50% herself. All cultures from the pockets of bacteria have come back negative for MRSA. That's good but with a catch. MRSA can mutate to another form in the middle of treatment so it may have mutated to another form that they aren't testing for. Hopefully, it is dead and will cause no more damage.
The efforts to wean her off her medications continues slowly. They had her sedation down really low yesterday but had to give her some to help her rest during the night. Again, they aren't sure if she feels pain but it's cruel to assume she doesn't. I guess she had her eyes open a lot but she is not tracking and her eyes are no longer rolled back in her head. Could mean she's coming back and could mean nothing. When they press on her fingernails she opens her eyes but that is all the response she has. The neurologist told Kiki that his opinion will probably be rendered in 24-48 hours. Since she is on morphine they have to withdraw it slowly or her numbers start to go wacky from withdrawls as her body has become addicted to it.
It continues to be a bumpy ride but my bumps are decidedly less severe than those her parents are experiencing. Please continue to pray for Raisa's safe return and for peace and comfort for her parents.
P.S. Please pray for India as well. We discovered a suspicious spot on her side yesterday and are taking her to the Dr to get it checked out. I have my suspicions about what it is but will hopefully find out today.

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