Monday, November 26, 2007

Sorry for the long lapse between posts. I've been housesitting for my pastor and they have dial-up which is sooooo slow. I've been spoiled by DSL at home.
Well, Mom decided to get her eye done really soon. Her surgery is on the sixth I think. It's in the afternoon this time so we won't waste the whole day at the hotel like she and Kathy did. They are fine with it but it would probably have driven me nuts. Kathy is going with her again and I get to go this time. The woman that Tony and Kiki are working for has run out of things for Tony to do so I don't have Phaedra every day anymore. All I have is time now.
Thanksgiving went wonderfully. We have been getting hit with major wind this week and it made the electricity blip out a couple times but we didn't have an outage. Charlie didn't make it down because his car is kaput and he can't afford to fly down and back so soon after getting his new job. I guess he is going to get a new-to-him car. Hopefully he is burnt out on gettting junkers and trying to coax a few more miles out of them. The car he has now wasn't a junker when Dad bought it but it is now. I think maybe he's realized how important it is to have reliable transportation when you aren't really good friends with the boss.
Tony and Kiki brought the girls and a guy from church came. I was really excited to have a kiddy table!! Poor Phaedra was so tired though. I don't think she had a nap that day and she almost fell asleep while she was eating. All in all it was a great day. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
That's pretty much all the new news for this post.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Surgery Update

Well, I'm home. Build-up and prep for the surgery took about an hour; the actual surgery took a whopping 3 minutes. I didn't even have time to really consider falling asleep in the chair! It's done under a "local" that ended up deadening everything from the bridge of my nose to the back side of the temple and from the top of the cheek to the middle of the top of my head.

I won't go into the details here, but we do have a video if any of you happen to be coming by... Phaedra finds it fascinating, India was grossed out, their parents refused to consider watching it...

The change in the vision is phenomenal. I knew the eye was clouded - I had no idea it was "that" clouded! You know what? Colors are the most pronounced change I've noticed. Looking at Kathy across the hotel room last night - with the right eye, her hair and skin have a gray cast to them. The walls in the room were kind of an medium ecru. Looking at the same things with the newly overhauled left eye and Kathy has white hair. The room was an off white - but a far cry from ecru. At the Dr's office this morning, the walls were light gray with the right eye; they were white with a lilac undertone with the left. The nurse confirmed - they're white with a lilac undertone. That would be why the predominant color throughout the office is purple...

I will be going back, probably before the end of the year to get the other one done... If I have them both done within 3 months of the initial exam, I don't have to go through the eye dialation and pressure testing and all that fun stuff again. :)

Parents are here for the girls - more later.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Mom goes to Anchorage on Wednesday for her surgery. To recap... The surgery is on Thursday, only her left eye and she is taking Kathy again. She is looking forward to it as much as a person CAN look forward to eye surgery. I would give her the benefit of my experience, but she remembers it much better than I do. I remember waking up in the hospital, puking up a popsicle, going back to sleep, being at home and puking up an otter pop. That's pretty much it.
I will be nice to her and fix the salmon quesedillas while she is gone. She isn't that fond of salmon. I want to find a recipe for salmon that she'll love but not this week. Well, please pray that the surgery goes well and that there won't be any complications. I think she'll be home Friday afternoon but we'll see what post-op stuff they have for her to do.

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