Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What craziness!!!!

Well, no surgery today. The two children who were scheduled ahead of her went a little long so by the time the surgeon was ready for her she had been off dialysis too long so they decided to just hook her back up and do the surgery at a later date. Tony will call with an update about that tomorrow.
In other trying news, both Kiki and Tony have been kicked out of Hickel House, the hotel for families right behind Providence. Kiki didn't want a room with Tony since she has her boyfriend with her and the tension there was not good. The nurse she talked to thought she was trying to make Denali Kid Care pay for another room but Kiki was willing to pay for another room. She can't afford a hotel room and cab fare so instead she came home. Tony was told that the room he was in belonged to Kiki so he had to leave. Someone was kind enough to rent him a room in a hotel and he has Mom's van so he and Phaedra are in a hotel room tonight. Kiki, hopefully, will be able to go back up tomorrow since the room situation was straightened out after she left. I am really furious with that insane nurse. What kind of woman yells at the mother of a critically ill infant? I understand that she thought Kiki was trying to do them wrong but give me a break! I talked to Kiki a little bit tonight and hopefully helped her realize a little bit of the other side of this situation. She doesn't understand what Tony's problem is since they are getting divorced, he shouldn't be such a jerk around Eric. I told her that it's really hard for a man, and kids for that matter, to watch someone else moving in on his family. Kiki's parents are still married so this is not a situation she is familiar with. Her first husband, India's father, disappeared for five years while Tony was establishing himself as the dad in that family. But Tony isn't leaving so Eric can move in and maybe that's what's got her so confused. Anyway, I really hope they can get something worked out so the tension isn't so high. I know it's not good for either of them and it's not good for Phaedra to be in the middle of it. Not that she's being fought over, just that it's not good for her to be in such a tense situation.
I think before this is done that I might just polish the outside of my house. It's been really stress-relieving to be cleaning all day but it's really killing my back. I'm not sure I'll be able to get the whole thing cleaned but I can't just sit around all day waiting for news either. It's kind a lose-lose situation. Well, I get a clean house so that's not entirely lose there. I guess I've rambled enough.

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