Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Other pieces of my life

Think Spring people! Think Spring! This is the goal team! We gotta play through the pain and squash the other guys! Don't let them beat you and lets take it to them! We gotta fight,fight,fight, let's WIN!!!!

This is one of Redoubt's eruptions. Mom and I went to Cathy Perry's house to watch it since we could sit inside, drink coffee and discuss current events. All while getting pictures like this. The mountain should be white this time of year but so much ash fell just in this one eruption that it turned gray. It is again white since it's snowed since then but for the little bit that it was gray it was really cool.
Sunset on Cook Inlet, filtered through volcanic ash. We caught the last ten minutes of sunset and it just got more and more orange. Redoubt is off to the right, ejecting a plume of steam and ash.

This was a few days before Raisa passed away. They were blowing off steam and having a great time too. It was really nice having them with me and times like this kept me in AK, mentally, and in the present.

Well, they are almost here since Kiki is going back to work today. It'll be easier when she has something to occupy her mind all day. Ask me how I know. It's weird how, I totally agree with her going back to work, getting on with her life since sitting around all day, thinking of the loss and the pain won't change anything, but I feel so guilty when I think of doing the same. Maybe that's the way it happens when someone who is so precious to you is taken. Maybe it'll help that I haven't had the three of them together since Raisa got sick. I've had a month to get used to the feeling of two instead of three. I had a dream last night that all three of them were with me and India was carrying Raisa, running with her. India fell down and Raisa was so scared. I scooped her up and comforted her while she cried and clung to me. It wasn't until I woke up that it hit me that she wasn't going to do that ever again. Never again is she going to cry, or be scared, or be made to do something that she doesn't like. I will be able to hold her again, but not this side of eternity. I guess it's a time span that I'll learn to live with and it renews my fervor to reach her parents.
Well, the other two are here now so I gotta wrap this up.

P.S. India's spot looks fabulous. Her rash from the adhesive on the band-aids is still kinda rough looking but the spot itself looks amazing. Hopefully the rash won't open up and get infected too. Kiki has been bathing the whole area in peroxide so the chances of it spreading are slim. WooHoo!!!!!!!

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