Friday, April 10, 2009

I guess the setbacks have begun.

Raisa was put back on the other respirator today. The other one was too much for her poor lungs to deal with. Unfortunately, it caused more damage to her left lung (the good one) so that her CO2 levels are too high now. They aren't at panic levels but too high is too high. The new respirator causes her lungs to stay inflated, not infalte and deflate. Her ph is a little too high as well. I remembered to ask about the MRSA and it is still being controlled with the same antibiotics. The pocket in her chest cavity is refilling and they had to put the tube back in her chest. It's a couple steps backward but at least it was not total and catastrophic failure. There is still hope and He's still on the throne, totally in control of the situation. Her heart continues to beat regular and strong.
In other news, Riley, Kathy's nearly two year old grandson may have chickenpox. I am considering telling Tony and Kiki so the girls, India and Phaedra can come and be exposed. On the other hand, I think India has had chickenpox and I don't think Phaedra's daddy could intentionally make her sick right now. Riley's mother was hoping that he doesn't have it until Kathy and Mom told her that it's better for him to get it now. Chances are it'll be a milder infection, it's easier to deal with in a child his age and having your body fight a naturally occuring infection is infinitely superior to being vaccinated. Oh, have I posted a rant on vaccines yet? No... I guess that'll have to come when the current crisis is resolved.

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Jaime said...

I love you, Pam, and I am praying for you and your family. I know this is hard. But it's wonderful to know God has it all under control. See you Sunday!

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