Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can you feel it?

There's an impending sense of doom settling over this nation. The stench of thinly veiled communism rides the wind. I think I'm gonna retch! Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the man personally, since I don't know him personally, but I hate and despise the stand he has taken on so many things. It frustrates me to no end that one of the leaders in our fight to remain free has taken his leave and left the fight to a man with no original thoughts and no inkling of the morals that this country was founded on. This man, with his hand on the Holy Bible, the Lord's book, swore to uphold our Constitution while at the same time, planning to eliminate it during this term. It may be that in the next six months it's illegal to speak out about the sin in our society. It may be that thousands of people who claim Christ are thrown into prison for speaking out against homosexuality, fornication, pornography and other heinous acts of abomination. I really hope that I'm wrong.
I have the utmost respect for the position that he holds but I refuse to respect the man himself. I cannot, in good conscience, cast my voice for the brand of change that will be sweeping our nation.

In other news: I think I have a baby-daddy lined up for my darling Bonnie. She has been kind of restless lately, mooing her head off and prancing around whenever she catches the faintest whiff of testosterone be it man, cat or squirrel. There's a bull in Talkeetna, black, four years old and I guess, a sire several times already. He came from Colorado so there's absolutely no chance of he and Bonnie being related. Yahoo! I have to pay for gas to get her there, $200 stud fee and then come home and wait. I guess the guy likes to fish so he and his kids are gonna take a weekend and bring her back so they can go fishing. I don't have to pay for the gas to get her back. Double Yahoo!! That beats the $1,000 I was envisioning, just for stud fee. Hopefully, with gas prices set to go up again he won't up the price on me. At least I've been successfully hoarding my PFD to buy more hay if I need it and to possibly get her A.I.ed. This way, I can maybe do this every year and not have to worry about having to inseminate a few times just to make sure she takes. The Creator was so clever when he made bulls with a built-in heat detector. Triple Yahoo!!! (just cause I'm so excited). The aforementioned romantic liason is set to take place in July, for an April 2010 calf. I can hardly wait! I guess it's really time to get to work on planning the barn and putting up some more paraphanelia. I knew farming took a lot of "stuff", but holey moley!
Also, I need to get it set in stone, for sure, what kinds of birds I want to raise. I really like turkeys, but you only get the meat. Ducks and geese are the same way and we can get them wild here. Chickens provide meat and eggs but I can get eggs fairly cheap around here so I don't know if that would be worth it. Since we're going to the barter system soon, as the dollar will not be worth the paper it's printed on, I need to plan my little farm now, while I can. I also need more compost barrels or a crib since the floor of Bonnie's shelter is about a foot taller than it was when we built it. I'd say yuck but I can't tell you how much I love the smell of a barnyard. It reminds me of Grandpa and Grandma Arndt's. They had horses the whole time that I was growing up and it was awesome to be at their place. Yep, I guess I'm really a farmer at heart. Well, y'all get a picture that I took on the way to church the other morning so enjoy. I happen to love this composition particularly.

Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day on GAPS

So, this is the family's first day on the Gaps Diet. This is not an effort to lose weight, get fit or look better. This is a detox diet and a healing diet so that our bodies are healthier, better functioning and less toxic. I am very convicted that the SAD (Standard American Diet) is not the best diet for the human body and therefore it is a sin for us to continually subject ourselves to those toxins. As it is wrong to smoke, it is also wrong to consume toxins with our food. Anywho, this is not a lecture...

Day One

Pre-Breakfast: 1 glass warm water, just cause I was thirsty

Breakfast-Lunch (since my hours are weird right now): Moose, carrots and onions in home-made turkey stock with garlic and home-made saurkraut juice for the probiotics. Dandelion and peppermint tea.
The Dandelion is a liver detox and the peppermint is a digestive aid.
Cod Liver Oil

I'll probably make the same thing for dinner, but I'll use home-made beef stock for a different flavor and maybe some broccoli or squash.
All of this is organic or home-grown and will be for as long as I can afford it. It's not really more expensive since I don't buy anything in boxes and only the carrots come in a bag.
For the duration of this detox we are eliminating all carbs, dairy and sugar. Honey is allowed since it is already simple sugars. I don't think I'll partake since I'm battling yeast right now but Mom and Dad can have honey if they want. And before you all shudder and shake to think of giving up your donuts I have to tell you that you don't feel deprived at all. At least Mom and I don't. Dad still whines about the sugar but that's because he's just doing this to make us happy. I hope that he'll start to feel better and soon he won't miss the carbs. It helps to increase the saturated fat you're eating so your body has something to work on that's healthy in between meals. Eventually, we can add carbs back in, as our digestive systems heal but that day is at least a month away. Dairy can be added as it can be tolerated but refined sugar is not something we will ever add back as a regular menu item, or be in something on a regular menu item. Having done a post on sweeteners I will not go into details here. Soy will not be on the menu any more and every label will be read so we can avoid any and all chemical additives. It's a lot of work but I feel convicted and that is not something I'm willing to ignore just because it's inconvenient.

Hope you are all staying warm since we're below zero for a while. I'd take a picture of the thermomenter but it's too small to get a clear picture, suffice it to say we're the warmest we've been in two weeks and it's -13 degrees. I guess now is the time to do wood and coal so... Later!

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