Friday, April 10, 2009

It keeps getting better and better!

Yesterday the doctors took all of the IV ports out of one of Raisa's arms so she only has two of them now, one in one arm and one in the top of her head. She is off of the beta blocker and the epinephrine that was keeping her heart beating correctly and she is doing wonderfully. Her sedation has been lessened as well and is now being given to her through her feeding tube instead of IV. They are still waiting for her lungs to heal some more before they can take her off the respirator and wake her up all the way. I still don't know when she might be able to have visitors but hopefully she will off the respirator in less than a week. I might go up with Pastor and Anita next week, Monday or Tuesday to see them. I had wanted to go today since it's a no work/no pay day for Mom but then she started talking about all the things that needed to be done and I knew I couldn't go today. I've been a ball of stress and regret today but hopefully I can go next week.
I guess that's all today. I might try and post some pictures of the eruption that I actually saw come out of Redoubt but I might do that later. Either way, stay tuned!

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