Monday, April 20, 2009

India's spot

I got a call from the the doctor this morning and India's spot is positive for MRSA. We delayed giving her the antibiotics until we knew for sure but Kiki is going to put her on them now. The wound was healing without them but just to give her parents peace of mind she is going to start taking it. The sensitivity test, test to determine what antibiotic kills it, said that it is sensitive to Septra, the antibiotic that was prescribed.
I did tell India that it might be the germ that made Raisa so sick but that we had medicine to make it better if it didn't start doing that on it's own so she will probably not panic when Kiki tells her.
Tony soon will be on his way home with Raisa. They had her cremated and he had to find out if he could fly with her. His mom and a friend are with him and they are renting a car to drive down from Anchorage. He'll be here sometime Thursday. Soon, the family will be reunited and can begin to heal.
I'm not sure what they are going to do for a memorial service but we're having one at the church, irregardless.
The girls do know that she is gone and that Daddy is bringing her home. I think they are dealing with it okay.
I have my moments, usually at night, when I can't seem to draw a breath without tears but I know that she is okay and I will see her again. I only hope her parents have that same assurance.


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Jaime said...

Thank you for putting me on the wall of your World Famous Blog!! I feel special. :-)
Keep us updated on everything, (I check yours twice a day!!!) Let India know I am praying for her and her "spot".
Love and prayers to all yall!

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