Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Countdown Begins

The pig and four of the turkeys are on their detox diet before they get butchered. We detox them to rid their bodies of the soy that's in the grower. We are getting the pig butchered by a professional but the turkeys are being done here. We've got one of the turkeys sold I'm pretty sure and if we can get some help with the butchering then I might pay the help with a turkey. If they can stomach it after the process that is. We'll see. We are keeping three of the turkeys, a tom and two hens for breeding stock. I'm pretty sure, in our political climate, that the fewer animals we have to buy the better. I'd just as soon "the man" not know how many food critters we have.
Bonnie is doing great. I think the calf is moving around a lot because she is constantly flicking her tail at her haunches and staring at her butt. I feel sorry for her, kind of, but I know she'll get used to it and might not be so confused next year, or the year after...
I managed to get some brome hay since she doesn't like timothy and alfalfa is ridiculously expensive. I think I have enough to see her through most of the winter now with the remnants of a round bale of timothy and 16 bales of brome. Dad built a feeder so it's not on the ground anymore, being stomped, peed and pooped on. Hopefully, the waste will be kept to a minimum this year.
Charlie is still in Wasilla.
Mom is stil at the district.
Dad is stil unemployed, but working on Kathy's house.
My work is fixing to be cut severly since one of my moms is quitting her job. Nov. 7 is her last day so I'm not sure what's going to happen there. They are trying to buy a house so I'm not sure if she's going to be looking for something else or if they are just going to tighten their belts and deal with it. At least, with the new custody agreement, I know the days when I have India and Phaedra, and it's pretty predictable.

The weather up here is being weird. It's frozen a couple of nights but when it clouds up, indicating snow, it usually warms up and rains. It's odd for October to be so close to over with nary a snowflake in sight. At least it's warm though, instead of really cold but just no clouds. Nothing says autumn like walking through the backyard, trees still clinging to the last few, yellow leaves, feet whooshing through the ones on the ground and having turkeys gobbling. I love this season, it's my favorite one.
Okay, that's all I've got for now. I'd post a really good picture I got of Baby Hoffman, but I need to get Jo's permission first since she was between Baby Hoffman and my camera. (If you don't know who I'm talking about then disregard the above monologue. If you do then pop on over to her blog and ask her if I can post it. Heehee)


Saturday, October 10, 2009

What a strange week!

So, strange things have been going on this week. It started when Tony and Kiki went to court for their final settlement conference and Tony got awarded visitation with India. They switch Phaedra every week and the week that Tony has her, he gets India for four days too. India's biological parents (specifically her mother) were trying to keep her away from Tony but she was really suffering from the lack of a dad's influence. Hopefully this will even things out for her a little.
Then, schedules are being changed and shifted and my life is very, very hectic of late.
Then, the kids have all been sick but I've managed to avoid the brunt of it, despite repeated and severe exposure. I chock it up to cod liver oil, oysters, kefir and kombucha in massive quantities. I have sore tonsils and a bit of extra mucus but that's about it. WooHoo!!!!!
And finally, I managed to give Riley a syrup shower the other morning. I was leaning over, giving the bone from his pocket to Dozer, so Riley could eat his french toast and I heard a very indignant, "PAM!". I looked at Riley and started laughing as the pool of syrup on his head started dripping down his face and onto the chair. All three of us (me, Phaedra and Riley) had a good laugh while I wiped most of it off so he could eat. He had a shower when he was finished and he was nice and clean when his mommy got home.
We had giant wind last night. It somehow shorted the power at Kathy's. Apparently, the transformer is bad so it's not gonna be a couple minutes to get it fixed. I was really grateful that my dad got the buildings bolted together. That trailer, perched on it's eensy, weensy blocks, would have hit the ground last night without that giant addition holding it steady. I'm thanking the Lord for keeping the trees upright and off all of the houses and critter. And I hope I never go through wind like that at night again. During the day is fine cause I'm aware, not laying in a bed, helpless to dodge crashing foliage.
So, all in all, a very strange week, but it had it's moments.

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