Thursday, May 7, 2009

Raisa's Memorial Service

This is the piano at the front of the church and the slideshow of Raisa's pictures that played before and after the service.

The spray from Tammy's. I really
like this arrangement.

This is the guestbook table at the back of the church.

Raisa's memorial was really nice. Tammy's Flowers did a really nice job with the flowers and Pastor made a really nice program and preached a really nice message. Since neither Kiki nor Tony are church-attending people it was short, and sweet and very, very to the point. Rest assured, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Raisa Alexandria Rea walks the streets of Heaven this night and the only way to join her is to repent of your sins and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. I've done exactly that, seven years ago. It makes me so sad to hear people leaving the repentance out of their salvation. Without repentance there can be NO salvation. You cannot "be nice to people" and earn your way into Heaven. God doesn't just turn his back on our sin, we must repent of it before the Father allows Jesus Christ to cover our sins. That is exactly tha attitude of one of Raisa's parents. 'Just be nice to people, and treat them how you want to be treated and don't worry about it', is what I hear all the time. India, poor India, knows that isn't true but she can't just pipe up and tell one of her parents that they're wrong. By that same token, the other parent was raised to belive that salvation repentance was a repetitive act and that a priest must absolve you of your sin before you can get to Heaven. Neither view is right and I've had discussions with both of them about this very subject. Neither is willing to accept the truth yet because that would mean that family they loved, that they thought were in Heaven, probably aren't. That's a hard pill to swallow for some. I know that some of my dearly departed family members are probably not going to be there when I get there but I have no way of knowing which ones so I assume none of my family is saved and attempt to share the gospel with them all. Really, the Lord is the only one who knows for sure who is one of his and who isn't but I can't assume anything other than all the people around me, without a solid testimony of God's saving grace in their own lives, is lost. It's a grave assumption but necessary for me to do my duty as a child of the King.
Well, here's some pictures of the service. The girls are coming tonight so I gotta hurry and wrap this up. Night!

This is Raisa's vault/monument at the cemetery
It will have rocks all over it and even inside
of it when it's done.

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