Wednesday, May 6, 2009

India's all clear

The doctor gave her the all-clear yesterday. He didn't know that she had been kept out of school and his exact words were, "I don't understand why people keep freaking out about this MRSA thing". Tony didn't say what he was thinking and I have to commend him for that. "People freak out for good reason you jacka**". Needless to say, Tony will be finding another pediatrician to go to. That doctor is a member of the school board and even Mom's supervisor, a man with heavy interest and friendships on the school board, advised Mom to go to someone else. I've never been impressed with the man's medical knowledge since he couldn't tell a friend of mine had a broken collarbone. Even though she was skinny as a rail and the other one was undamaged, for comparisons. He isn't that great a doctor but he is an elder in the Mormon church in Soldotna so everyone in that organization goes to him for everything. I'm going to point Tony to the naturopath in Soldotna as an alternate doctor. I've been learning some things these past few days that really make me wish I had a time machine. And I think the best thing for India's compromised immune system is a doctor who understands how the body is supposed to work to heal itself and can help her rebuild her immune system instead of ignoring her body until something is wrong with it and then treating symptoms.


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