Monday, May 4, 2009

I forgot to tell you guys that I'm making some oatmeal cookies tomorrow. I'm trying the soaked oatmeal recipe from Cheeseslave's blog (check the sidebar). She explains why oats need to be soaked much better than I can. I'll take pictures and post them for you guys to drool over.
Coming soon: Soaked chocolate chip cookies. I have dessert for church on Sunday.

And, I'm only five inches from my goal of waist-length hair. Only 20 inches till I'm at classic length, where I'll maintain and allow the thickness to catch up before I think about trying for thigh length or even ankle length. I still need to check my growth rate but I should be at my first goal by the end of summer since my hair grows like crazy then. I'd post a picture if I thought anybody but me really cared about my hair!



Andrea Michaud said...

i know you're not wanting to cut your hair at all, but I have heard that cutting it on the full moon makes it grow faster. Not even just a little trim???? It may be worth checking out.

alaskan arndts said...

Yeah, that was Mom's thing the whole time I was growing up. I have only noticed a change in the rate of growth in summer and winter. If my split ends get beyond my control than I'll trim but hopefully I won't have to.

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