Monday, May 4, 2009

Okay, Raisa's memorial service for the church is set for Thursday at 6 pm. I say it's for the church because her mother plans on having a ceremony at the cemetery when they bury her ashes and then a buffet at the Clamshell (the bar that Kiki works in) next week. I understand that the people who are there are her friends and most of her family feels quite comfortable in a bar but I have issues with that. Then again, most Kasilof memorials are held in a bar cause those are the social gathering places most of the year. And since I'm not the mother I really have no say so I'll just keep my mouth shut and try to figure a way out of it. I have no desire to be seen in the Clamshell but how can I bow out of Raisa's family's service for her? What a pickle! I'm sure the Lord will work it out for me so I leave it in His, more than capable, hands.
The girls go to Kiki tomorrow and India's follow-up appointment is tomorrow as well. Hopefully, the doctor will give her the all-clear and she can go back to school. She really misses it, strange as that sounds and it's really crazy having her around during the day. She is used to a routine and she has been quite the handful since that routine was disrupted. Last time I saw it, her spot was almost gone, it doesn't itch at all and the inflammation of the surrounding tissue was gone as well. Now all she has to do is heal from the band-aids and she'll be back to abnormal... I mean normal.
Phaedra's daddy is talking about cutting her hair. He is having trouble with the ends since she is tender-headed and it breaks his heart when he hurts her. I tried to talk him out of it since I'm pretty sure it has stopped growing for now and it will start to split if he cuts it. And then they have to keep on top of the trims or it gets really bad and you have to give it the big chop like what I did to India in February. The hairdressers (you know who you are) weren't coming down, weren't staying long enough or were too pregnant to cut hair these last few months so I couldn't get it done by a trained professional. Kiki was going to take her in and get a layer cut but never got around to it. India had gone from waist length hair to nearly armpit length in three months so I finally stood her in the bathroom and cut it off. It's grown back about an inch and a half since but it is much neater and not nearly so fragile. I might start doing search and destroy on them too.
Here's some more pictures for those of you who desire them. And Andrea, how is beauty school working with the no poo?

This is the lake in the side yard. The culvert under the driveway has either collapsed or it is frozen still and this water has not drained. I'm hoping it sticks around until July so I can take the girls swimming in the backyard. It's still too cold even though the temps have been approaching 70 this last week.

I saw this raven in Anchorage last month. He landed on the car next to us and posed quite beautifully for this shot, but only this shot.

Phaedra Thyme, decked out and ready to sing her heart out!

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