Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last service

Raisa Rea was laid to rest on Wednesday afternoon at the Spruce Grove Cemetery in Kasilof. It was a really poignant scene and would have been much less emotional if they hadn't invoked the protection and blessing of Elohim, the god of Kolab. Being as almost all of Kiki's family is mormon, it was perfectly natural for them to have "Aunt Linda" ask "god" to bless the service. Kiki's sister read some things about Raisa since not everybody in the family had even met her (it's a huge family). At the end she said she couldn't wait to be reunited with Raisa, "as we all will". At that point my heart cried out since I know for a fact that if anyone there is trusting in the mormon gospel then they are never going to see her again! But, then was not the time to say anything and hopefully, I can recognize witness opportunities as the Lord presents them. Anyway, here's some pictures from the service and what her burial site looks like now. Jaime, Ariana and I went to the cemetery after church to see it when nobody else was around.
Mom, signing the guestbook

A duty that no parent should have to perform.

This was Wednesday night with Jaime and Ariana

There was condensation on the inside of the glass and I'm kind of worried about the glass as the temperature fluctuates over the year because they sealed it with silicone. Hopefully, it'll be fine for many, many decades.

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