Monday, October 1, 2007

These are pictures of our new heater. Dad got it from Grandpa and Grandma Arndt. We had one when we lived on Ida Road in Montrose and I was about nine the last time I saw one close up. This one has been in Grandpa's shop for years but I never stood next to it that I remember. I could have sworn that these machines were a LOT bigger. It seems so tiny now.
When I find them I'll post pictures of the Arnold that Dad got from Pastor Ron, our pastor. Or I might just take all new ones cause I haven't the foggiest idea which disk has the other ones on it. That's the problem with getting a digital camera. You take so many more pictures and then you can't remember what's on which disk and what got put on the computer, or even if the pictures got taken with the digital and not the 35 mm...Or maybe that's just me.
Okay, for more news. I got a new puppy about a month and a half ago. His name is Jasher and he's half pomeranian and half trailer park dog. The neighbor's granddaughter-in-law has two pomeranian females and the older one, Sexy, is his mother. When Eli and Little Bear died I told Dad that if anything happened to Nanook then I was getting a little dog. Well, Nanook claimed Dad as her new person and I was left without a dog. Anyone who remembers my childhood, will understand why that was unacceptable. For those of you who were sharing my childhood, our house had a never-ending series of strays coming through. Most of them were brought in by me. We still have Midnight by the way. She's getting grey on her shoulders and up her legs but she's still as lively as ever, just more settled. Man, I just can't seem to stick to a story can I? Ok, back we go. Sexy had two girls and a boy puppy and I just fell in love with the boy. He was calm and had a different look than the other two. One of the girls was claimed almost as soon as they were born and the other one was cute but I just liked the boy more. I told my dad that I was going to be bringing home a new dog when he was old enough and you should have seen it! His shoulders slumped and he huffed and scoffed and puffed and in the end agreed. Mom wasn't happy at all cause she isn't much of a dog person and we were slowly coming down from seven dogs. But he's just so CUTE that even she likes him now. Hopefully, when the time comes for me to get married and move away he can come with me cause he's little and kennel-trained. I'll keep praying to that end anyway.
Charlie came home about three months ago as well. He completed all the "required" courses at Job Corps, hadn't gotten as far as he wanted in the additional certifications, but we all agreed that it was time he came home. He's looking at moving back to Palmer next month. Pray for the Lord's will in his life. He has responsibilities that seem to have been pushed aside and he really needs the Lord's guidance now.
Mom is still trucking along, so to speak. She's the transportation router for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. I guess First Student bought Laidlaw and some of the employees at Laidlaw have decided that there's no sense in cooperating with the borough cause they themselves aren't going to be here next year and it's making my mother crazy... Crazier than she already was I mean. I think some mean person prayed for the Lord to give her patience. You know He doesn't give us patience, he puts us in situations that force us to learn patience. Anyway, that's "Where She Is Now!"
Dad's been put on hold with the tanks while Carl gets his ducks in a row and decides what he wants to do. I'm not sure what Dad'll be doing over the winter but hopefully he'll be doing something. He didn't commercial fish this summer as he has in the past but he built a few tanks. Please pray for the Lord's guidance for him as well. He needs a more steady job that won't put too much stress on his body. His shoulders are in bad shape and, for some reason, nagging him isn't making him want to get them examined. Go figure.
Mom is going in for lens replacement surgery sometime in the next month. She found out, on my birthday, that she has cataracts on both lenses. Thankfully, it's an outpatient procedure and one of the best surgeons for it operates in Homer and Soldotna, which we happen to be between. Also, it's covered by her insurance so we won't be hit with a major bill. I was looking forward to getting Dad's ER bill paid off completely and having that extra money in the account, but I'm glad this one isn't an emergency and we can plan better. If you don't know about Dad's wintertime boo-boo than let me know and I'll be more than happy to tell that story too.
I'm still babysitting the same two little girls. I WILL be posting pictures of them very soon, like, the very next post. India is 6 already and in first grade this year. Phaedra turned two at the end of May and is talking up a storm. Aunt Byrnie, you were right, she talks as much as India does. She doesn't have the prepositions down yet but everything else gets said. My favorites are, "Hims sitting hims chair", "UN, UN"(run, run), and "Namna"(that's me).
That's all I can think of for the moment so I'll end another incredibly long post. Later.

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