Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where did all the flowers go?

Well, Mom posted that Fall was full upon us...It has now given way to that weird period between Fall and Winter. It's ridiculously cold because of the humidity that's still in the air but there's not enough cloud cover for it to snow. We had a prediction for the first snow to happen last Friday but it never materialized. Every year it's the same thing, all the leaves turn these beautiful shades of yellow, we even had orange and red this year, and then the wind kicks up and blows them all off. Now we have this unique shade of brown. I hope the snow comes soon cause this state is really ugly right now. Well not the whole state, just this little corner of it.
Dad got the gravel to put our coal shed on last week now he just needs to get the shed from the church down the road. They used to have their furnace in it and it's got a concrete floor, drywall insides and really pretty log siding. It'll be the nicest building we've got on the place. I'll take pictures when we get it set.
McKinzie is doing all right. He still can't stand up or walk very well, but he's adjusting to it okay. He doesn't know whether or not he likes my new puppy. We have to muzzle him when Jasher comes out of his kennel just in case, but he comes up to the kennel sometimes and lays there barking and yelping at Jasher. It's really goofy looking. I'm debating on when to get Jasher neutered, now or when he's a year old. Any opinions?
These past two weeks have been really busy for me. Normally, I don't have India or Phaedra every day but Tony and Kiki are both working pretty much the same hours so Phaedra has been coming every day. I love having her here and it's so much fun to be able to teach her things. I can't wait to have my own children. I never realized what sponges children are and how hard you have to work to make the good things stick. It seems like for every one good thing she gets taught, she comes up with five things she shouldn't know, do or say. It's exhausting to say the least. Like, how did a two year old learn to lie like that? I'm afraid that it's time to admit that such things come naturally. She isn't an innocent little baby anymore and foolishness is bound tightly in her heart.
Okay, my feet are about to freeze solid so I'm ending this post for today. Later folks.

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