Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our first post!!!!!!

Okay!! To my family: You want to know what's going on in our lives? Here's where I'll attempt to keep y'all up to date. I'll be posting pictures and maybe videos and boring you all senseless with the minutae of our existence...existences...existence's? (Nope, not the last one). Anyway, keep tuning in for news, weather and traffic. Well, maybe not traffic unless you really want to know about such things.
For everyone else: Refer to above.

Now, on the the news. As most of you know, we had a bear in the yard on Thursday night. We got a roadkill moose two weeks ago and gave the skeleton and the head to Brandy who's the outside dog. Of course she couldn't finish it all and there was a lot left. A grizzly came sniffing around, finished off the guts up the road and then came down for dessert. Dad went out to see what Brandy was barking at and when he poked his head in the door and said "grizzly", I tell you, the panic started. Well, maybe not panic exactly but it's a curious phenomenon that you can feel like prey even when you have walls, dogs, doors, a gun, a big daddy, machinery and several yards between you and a 400 pound predator. Maybe someone should look into the psychological impact of this, hmm?
Back the the story. The bear made off with the head and we put Brandy in the laundry room for the night in case it came back and we all went to sleep. The next morning there were more parts missing so it evidently came back a few times. It buried something in the woods about fifty feet up the driveway but we haven't seen it again. Brandy is loose but I think it glutted itself and may not come back for the rest. Then again, I've been wrong before. We'll keep you updated.
For Grandma and Grumpy Love and anyone else who knows McKinzie (Charlie's dog. Pictures coming soon): About three months ago he started falling down a lot. We took him the the vet and found out he had a vestibular disease. That's what happens when dogs start turning in circles. He doesn't go outside by himself anymore so doesn't know there was a bear in his yard. His condition has gotten better since this first developed but it isn't going away. Hopefully his quality of life will not deteriorate any more than it has and he'll have a few more years left.
Well, that's good for a first post. I'm going to eat my dinner and maybe post again.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Pam. I can relate somewhat to your feelings. Remember when we were up there in '98 and I saw that sow and two cubs crossing the road down toward Kathy and Jim's? It's sure a different feeling than what you get seeing them from a vehicle. Does get the ol' juices flowing! Love you all. Grandma & Grumpy

alaskan arndts said...

Yeah, it's almost the same as seeing one in the woods without a gun and with the dumbest dog in the pack.

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