Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Winter is officially here...

Well, winter has officially and really finally arrived. Mom-in-law said something the other day about it seemed like our snow had slid south this year cause everyone but us was getting hit. I'm here to tell ya - it found its' way back. I just went out and measured on top of the BBQ grill that was clean this weekend and we have gotten 8" here at the house in the last 24 hours - and it's still kinda trying to put some more down. Also measured on top of the smoker - which hasn't been cleaned or blown off since it really started snowing and there's 14" up there. Had to chuckle this morning when the Transportation Coordinator came in and was all atwitter about the snow chain not kicking in. I tried to tell her that the snow that fell last night was nothing but something to play in for those buses; but she has an altogether different idea about what the snow chain means than I do. And since my idea don't match hers and her desk is bigger...

And - Charlie finally did the big one. No. He is not married. Or engaged. Or hurt. He's one up on both his parents though, I believe. Maybe not on Frank (seems I vaguely remember hearing about something similar happening at some point in his younger days) - but I know for a fact he's one up on me. :) He was going home Monday evening and slid through the stop light at {I think he said}Benson and the Seward Hwy in Anchorage. A full size Ford pickup hit him pretty square on the left front tire and spun him so the vehicles were up against each other and facing the same way. When he called to tell us, the patrolwoman was still sorting things out and he was still pretty wired. The Mazda is totaled (as demonstrated by the pictures above) but he had a minivan in the wings getting new tires and brakes. When I talked to him last night, he was driving that. The passenger in Charles' car (another roomie - Jeremy) wasn't hurt, but the driver of the pickup got checked out by EMT's at the scene because he had a cell phone in his pocket and caught it between his ribs and the steering wheel. I told Charles he and Jeremy were both quite likely to find out just how hurt they were in the next couple days. I know it took 3 days for the ligament strain to my knee and whatever it was that happened in my neck to show up after I got hit in the bus the second time.

Well, it's pushing 8:PM and I have to be in a training session tomorrow from 8-6. We were there today from 8-4 and my brain was fried when I got home. Tomorrow is the budget stuff and payroll and expense cards and such - all the parts I do use on occasion, so I am going to bed.

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