Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sorry for the long lapse in posts folks. I was waiting for the resolution of some issues so I didn't have to post a whole bunch of times.
Dad went to the doctor for his shoulders on Friday... Well, he and Mom drove to Anchorage on Thursday and the appointment was Friday morning. I couldn't believe it, 24 whole hours home alone. I did pretty much the same things I do when they're here. It sure is boring sometimes being a responsible adult. Anyway, Dad went to the same orthopedic surgeon who did Kathy's shoulder when she was in her car accident. (Kathy is the neighbor/cousin who lives at the bottom of the driveway) They x-rayed both shoulders multiple times and discovered he does not have arthritis, torn pieces parts, bone spurs or a partridge in a pear tree. The guy who examined him said that the tendon that connects his collarbone to his shoulder blade is probably inflamed. Gave him a choice of a cortisone shot in each shoulder or a month of Celebrex. Dad opted for the Celebrex. I guess pills are easier for him to handle then needles. Mom said that they were really surprised that he had almost full range of motion and he's still strong enough to choke a bear. ;) Mom said she had a really good time just hanging out with him and I'm so glad for that. With Valentines Day just around the corner maybe he'll remember to get her something this time. Just joking!!!! He usually remembers and gets her a card.
Charlie is still carless, not careless, car-less. Okay, maybe he can be careless but that is not the topic for this paragraph. The minivan that he was driving now has a rattle that he needs to identify and get fixed before he wants to drive it full time. He sold the Mazda that was wrecked and finally agreed with Dad that maybe he needs to get a Neon for his next car. We'll see.
McKinzie has his final vet appointment on Monday. He will be cremated and returned to us. I would say that I'm sad but it's such a huge relief that he doesn't have to live this way anymore that it's probably covering up the sad. It feels very different from any of the other dogs that have passed away. I'll probably post a ton of pictures of him soon for those of you that never saw him. He's a cool dog.
Okay, enough dwelling on the sad, on to the slightly aggravating. Mom has jury service this month. It's for petit jury so she has to call in every day to find out if her group has been called to go in the next day. Petit jury only lasts a month so she's hoping that any juries she may be called for are for someone she knows. I'm just glad that it's not me this time. I've been called for petit and grand jury service. Dad got summoned for District court last summer. He had to call in every week to find out if he had to go to Anchorage. He never did have to go and it was three months long. A very tense three months I might add. I really, really, really don't want to get summoned for District court. I hope they just lose my name and forget I live here.
I guess that's all the new news for now. If something pops up I may or may not tell y'all about it. Stay tuned!!

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Anonymous said...

McKinzie was different. He had the neatest personality! We both remember those 'walks' he and Jet took with us. They did the same things but 'Kinzie was just different somehow. More sparkle? More zest for life? I know it hurt, real bad, but we're glad he's no longer suffering. And just think of the wonderful memories he has left all of you. I remember the time he saw the bear and he warned me with a gentle "woof" and the look on his face with I headed for the house to call Kathy and then went back to get him so he wouldn't go chasing the bear. "You crazy woman! I'm not going down there!" Ah yes! McKinzie is one dog we'll all have fond memories of for many years to come.
Love you all, Grumpy and Grandma

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