Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's picture time!!!!

This is from our front porch. It's not as much as we usually have and Dad's truck has been cleaned off repeatedly.

This is Jasher. He's the dog that needs a coat when he goes outside. This picture is a bummer because he has the deepest, darkest, brown eyes I have ever seen on a dog. It makes him look like a teddy bear. Well, a teddy pig (cause of his tusks). He inherited his mother's teeth. I think I'm going to take him in and make sure that his bite is okay. If it's not okay then he may need braces! That isn't a joke folks.
I'll take pictures of him in his coat and post them for you guys to laugh at later.

This is one of my cool toadies. I have four of them. I have to keep them in my room because they creep my mother out. She classifies them as "weird" pets. I don't think they are nearly as weird as the praying mantis' I had before them. Those could be called weird I guess.

This is after Phaedra's Atomic Fireball episode. I told her that it was really, really, spicy hot. I told her that it might hurt her mouth. India told me that she got a big bag of them for her birthday and she had shared them with Phaedra. Since neither one of the girls shy away from spicy stuff I let her go ahead and have one. She really liked it but couldn't finish it. She had almost all of the hot coating off but it kept falling out of her mouth and she was drooling something fierce. As she said later, "It burned mine ips!" As far as I can tell, her lips are just fine now.

Apparently India likes Veggie Tales. Miss Anita gave them these stickers and she couldn't resist the urge to stick them somewhere.

Well, another UFC has come and gone. I am a huge fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championships and have been since 1994. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it happens to be the sporting event that I love. I could do without the ring girls and the drunk yahoos mugging for the cameras though. I love the sheer energy of the whole thing and the training and discipline of these athletes.
I think Matt Hughes, former welterweight champ, is done in the UFC. It always seems to happen to the guys who claim Christ. Many of these athletes thank God after they fight but very few of them have any kind of testimony. Matt Hughes does. Also, Vitor Belfort does. He was the light-heavyweight champ for a very short period of time several years ago.
Many of these guys tattoo their own names on their stomachs, don't ask me why, but Vitor has Jesus tattooed on his. Granted, I think tattoos are worldly and ridiculous but it was interesting to have his beliefs be so obvious. Matt Hughes wears a shirt that says, "Army of the One". I really like that shirt and the play off the Army slogan. If I wore t-shirts I might consider getting one. Anyway, his website is really interesting if anyone's interested. It's
Okay, my fingers are frozen and my back is KILLIN' me. I've done my best to enter the crippled club this past month. It's a long, painful story that I shall leave for another time.

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Anonymous said...

Neat pictures, Pam. It would seem Alaska's snow has slid south.
The first praying mantis I ever saw was in the restroom at Daisy State Park near Kirby, AR. It was about six inches long. Huge! I think tree frogs are kind of neat. Feel like very, very fine velvet. Don't think I'd want one as a pet however.
Keep up the good work, Pam

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