Monday, November 5, 2007

Mom goes to Anchorage on Wednesday for her surgery. To recap... The surgery is on Thursday, only her left eye and she is taking Kathy again. She is looking forward to it as much as a person CAN look forward to eye surgery. I would give her the benefit of my experience, but she remembers it much better than I do. I remember waking up in the hospital, puking up a popsicle, going back to sleep, being at home and puking up an otter pop. That's pretty much it.
I will be nice to her and fix the salmon quesedillas while she is gone. She isn't that fond of salmon. I want to find a recipe for salmon that she'll love but not this week. Well, please pray that the surgery goes well and that there won't be any complications. I think she'll be home Friday afternoon but we'll see what post-op stuff they have for her to do.

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