Saturday, May 21, 2011

Farm Happenins'

I'm back from the abyss of Non-Blogging Land. Sorry about that but I do have some consolation! Here are some pictures of what's been keeping me so busy that I didn't have time to share my innermost thoughts and feelings.


Craig, The Egg. 2 years and a total Mama's Boy, in a good way. He's tough as nails and no sissy.

Callie Ann, Mouse. 4 years old and caught between 3 older brothers and 2 younger. She can't decide whether or not to be The Princess or as tough as the boys.

Orrin, Tubby. 13 months old and would be velcroed to Mama if he could.

This is the land being cleared so we can run pigs on it this year. It will be seeded behind the pigs and left to grow this year. I'm hopeful that it will be awesome pasture next year. So cleared pasture and pork... Win, win!!!

Dad and his slave, er volunteer pulling wood up onto the driveway.

Tomas, Toady. 12 years old and extremely handy to have around. He is chainsawing up the joint so I don't have to.

Back of the chicken coop and the gate to the pen. Dad says it's hokey but I think it looks like a fortress!

Happy chickens!! The roosters have an uneasy truce and everything is peaceful most of the time.

Mama Turkey, patiently incubating a clutch of chicken eggs. She started with 8, I managed to feel 4 but we'll see what hatches the first week of June.

Bonnie, uncomfortably gestating. She is due on June 22nd and is bagging up really well.

Happy piggies, nestled in their new straw bed. I cleaned out bad grain and chopped/chewed straw and gave them a new bale. They were squealing and running around. Bacon flopped on his side and rolled around in it while Chop just burrowed into it.

The front of the coop with the chicken door.

The roost. It's big enough for 22 chickens with room to spare but some have to roost on the nestboxes or on the bungie that holds the door closed. Silly chickens!!

Nest boxes. They came with the chickens so they know what they are for. It's nice to have clean eggs.

Cody, being a bull. He is 13 months old, 800 lbs and about 45 inches tall at the hip. I'm sending his away in July to, hopefully, breed a Dexter cow. I'm not sure that he is old enough but we're giving him the opportunity. Hopefully, they will love his personality and buy him so I don't have to feed him through another winter.

The side yard/pasture. Bonnie gets to graze for the first time tomorrow afternoon. It's not as lush as it will be later but it's ready to be grazed. We need some rain so the rest of the pasture will green up and they can both go out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi cousin. Just wanted you to know that I'm very proud of and amazed with all that you do. I wish I had it in me or knew where to start. Love you.

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