Friday, April 1, 2011

Eating throught the freezers, again

I know I promised a list and pics of meals and all that snazzy jazz. But, when I organized the freezers I realized we had about 400 lbs of fish, a lot of moose that is bloody tasting, Sped bacon and organ meats. I don't have the ingredients for many of our favorite ways to have halibut so we've been eating the same things over and over again. It's not exciting and it's not inspiring so I haven't bothered taking pics or documenting anything. I am, however, super thrilled to have all of the freezers cleaned and inventoried. I know exactly what we have and which freezer it's in so that's super cool. One of my goals for this summer is getting the chest freezer moved out of the laundry room because it doesn't seal very good and needs to be someplace that stays cool. That will really cut down on out electric bill.
When I think of something profound and exciting to post I will be back!


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blondevue... said...

Pretty new background girl! Jenni said that she saw you and that they stopped by the church this last weekend. Sounds neat. Halibut sounds yummy ANYWAY you make it! Have a great week.

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