Wednesday, September 16, 2009

K, this is gonna have to be fast since it's late and I got Riley in the morning. I haven't found a website that documents the size of a calf the entire pregnancy but I did find one that says how big they are for the first six months. At this time her calf is between mouse and rat sized. I guess a disclaimer is needed here: She has not been palpated or pregnancy tested but she was in with Obi for three heat cycles and didn't cycle after the first week she was there. We know she cycled while she was in Talkeetna since Obi can tell the difference between a receptive and non-receptive cow and he was definitely interested for a week or so. Soooo, barring a positive pregnancy test, which are expensive and complicated (ever try and predict where a cow is going to pee?), I'm just going on Obi's instincts and assuming she is pregnant.


P.S. Bovine pregnancy tests actually use blood or milk, not pee but the joke wouldn't work that way.

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