Friday, August 21, 2009

Bonnie is...

Almost home and pregnant. Tony's plan to bring her home next weekend, to give him time to put a roof on his addition, fell through when Bonnie got loose again. This time she ate everything in his garden, except the potatoes, and then refused to go back into the corral. He spent two days trying to catch her before calling in reinforcements. He got a lead rope on her but never could keep a handle on her long enough to get her tied back up to her tree. Last time I talked to him he said he was going to get some more hands to help and then tie her to the tractor and then it was into the trailer. I called last night and talked to his son who said they had caught her and nobody got hurt. I imagine Tony will be glad to be rid of her. I guess I've got some planning to do if I want to convince him to do this again next year. Or plan to have Obi down here next summer, either way, it's going to take some planning.
So, in honor of her first pregnancy I present a ticker to mark the days. Tony thinks he knows the day that she was bred so we're going by that, July 4th. Also, if I can find something, I'm going to post how big the calf is during her pregnancy. Stay tuned cause I'm still searching for such a thing.

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