Monday, June 1, 2009


Vacation Bible School started today!!! Yay!!!!!! We didn't have the turnout that we were expecting tonight but we have three more days yet. I helped Miss I-Can't-Do-Crafts-To-Save-My-Life-Jaime do the... crafts. The kids made bookmarks to put in their Bibles, or a favorite book. Hopefully more kids will show up tomorrow. I'm sure having an evening VBS makes it hard for some parents but we are only a small church and evenings are the only times we can all be there. At least some kids get to come! It'll be great fun irregardless.

We moved the turkey poults outside today. I can't remember if I posted about them or not and I don't feel like searching so y'all get to read about them again, maybe. Dad and Uncle Dave went to Nikiski and picked up a pig about two weeks ago. It was the last one he had and it's back feet are malformed. Actually, they are straightening out nicely now but they were very malformed. The guy also had a lot of Standard Bronze turkey poults for $6.50 each. We got six of them. Standard Bronze turkeys combine the size of the Broad-Breasted Bronze with the ability to mate and raise their own young. A large Bronze tom can stand close to four feet tall and weigh 30 pounds or more. The largest tome of the six we had last year was at least 50 pounds, live. I have to carry the carcass with two arms cause it's so heavy. I love the size, so nothing will mess with them, and the natural brooding. One of the poults died about four days after we got them but the other five moved outside today. Dad, Mom and I built a steel "tractor" yesterday. It's fifteen feet in diameter and about three and a half feet tall. It's covered with concrete reinforcing mesh, then wire over the top of that. We put it in the corral because Bonnie leaves bug traps all over the place and she never eats the grass. It can be chest high and she'll turn up her nose and eat the hay. Stange cow! This way, the turkeys can eat the bugs that are attracted to her "offerings" and the grass but be protected somewhat better with her in there. I just hope she doesn't shove it around and end up squishing them. She's outside grazing all day so nighttime is the only dangerous time for them but she's sleeping then anyway. Hopefully, we'll have a bird yard built before winter so the turkeys can go to their own place over the winter. We're gonna wait until next spring to decide which turkey's to butcher so we can get a pair.
Okay, that's all the news I have for this post. If I think of anything else it'll just have to wait!


P.S. Jaime got her hair cut! It is a lot shorter than she thought it would be. The hairdresser (Mrs. Lambert) told her it would be two inches shorter but since Jaime has had long hair for years she was unprepared for how short it is. She's glad the damage is gone, but kinda bummed about the lost length. I feel for her! Maybe we could have a "hair party"! Sounds fun!


Jaime said...


I appreciate all you and Jennifer did to help me get thru craft time this week! If I could have dedicated more time to the prep work instead of working all day, I would have enjoyed it a lot more - I can't fly by the seat of my denim skirt anymore since I've been in Special Ed... I NEED STRUCTURE!! The flat tire and kids throwing up didn't help any, but I made it, praise the Lord! :-)

I'm actually fine with my hair. It looks so much better (in my opinion) and it's growing like weeds and it will be to my backside again in no time... so ha ha Miss Ardnt, you will lose again!!! (insert evil laugh here)

Just kidding, Friend!

I'll be thinking of you while I'm in FL... (insert another evil laugh)

Just kidding, again.

Love ya!!

alaskan arndts said...

I was happy to help and I'm glad you had fun even with a flat tire and puke in the back seat. I don't know if the structure-needing is a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, kids need structure from their parents and on the other hand, depending on structure can make life so stressful sometimes. I guess the Lord has a lesson in it all for you though.
I'm glad the shock has worn off and I do hope your hair gets down as long as you want it again cause it's weird with you having hair so short. (But I'm not gonna lose!) Heehee.
Have fun with Thug!


I still think we need to have a hair party cause it would be really fun.

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