Monday, June 8, 2009

Vacation Bible School 2009 was over on Thursday. We had a pretty good turnout. A couple kids from the neighborhood came but since "my" kids were out of the state or Daddy was home I didn't bring any. Bummer. But, the girls are back in the state, Anchorage and I should have them tomorrow. Kelley and Riley are coming over on Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun so my schedule is officially full. Dad is deckhanding again so my days should be full of children and empty of Father this summer. I can't say as I'm disappointed.

The Diamond M called today and we are getting raw milk again!!!!!!!!! I have missed it so much. Since we are at the bottom of the list I guess we get called when the supply gets to be more than the demand. We're getting our two gallons a week, $6 a gallon and Mom can swing by and get one on her way home, Wednesday and we can get the other when we go shopping on Saturday! I'm too excited can you tell?

Bonnie still has her date in Talkeetna at the end of the month. I guess the whole crew (Dad, Mom, Kathy, Me and Bonnie) are going. Mom has never been to Talkeetna, Kathy just wants to get away, I want Dad to go in case something breaks on the truck and to see the setup, maybe get some ideas from someone who farms in Alaska, and I have to go cause I'm footing the bill and cause it's my cow that's why! June 26th is when we're taking her up. I guess we're gonna get a room and spend the night so that Kathy doesn't have to ride all the way up and back in one day. Tony (the cow guy) and his kids will bring her back in August, after she's been bred. They are just gonna come down and go fishing or something. I guess this area is one of their favorite places to fish. I wonder why? I am too excited about that too, can you tell?

I managed to make a tiny, little infinity bun today. It feels cooler than it looks. I'm excited to be doing neat things with my hair. It makes me feel justified for having long hair, as if I need it. And again, I'm excited. Can you tell?

Well, I've run out of very exciting news so I'm leaving now, can you tell?



Andrea Michaud said...

Pretty hair!!!

alaskan arndts said...

Thanks Andrea, I made it myself! Haha


blondevue... said...

Love the bun. :)
The milk sounds good for you, not sure that I could handle it. I barely drink milk at all. But sounds like you get it as fresh as it gets.
Im excited with you that your cow has a date this month. :))
Have fun on the trip down there. Glad VBS went well! We're doing a different type of VBS here in HI than I've ever done before its once a week all summer long, not sure how it'll work, since last night was the first night. But hopefully it will have the same eternal effect. The theme..."Polar Extreme's, going all out with all of me, for God."
So yes, we're in the middle of a tropical island with decorations in the room that make you think you're in the arctic. They say I fit in, but wearing a winter hat and vest in 80 degree's didn't feel very at home for me!
Take care, love your updates. :)

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