Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eating Through The Freezers

It sounds simple right? Make a list of what's in the freezer, make up the menu from your list and don't go grocery shopping that month, voila! Actually it's much harder than yo might think, especially when freezer inventory is interrupted by 3 weeks of the cold from Hades and then a mastitic cow. Fortunately, my cold has abated enough that I can finally contemplate finishing the job and my poor Bonnie is walking around in a cloud of peppermint from the balm that I rub on her udder twice a day.
Stay tuned for a riveting series in the month of March as I try and find new and creative ways of eating liver, halibut and salmon roe. Actually, I happen to like all three of those things so maybe I'll have to get creative with the pig kidneys and turkey giblets. Hm, sounds good already!

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blondevue... said...

Looking forward to your month of dinners without grocery shopping, this should be good! I was just talking to my Grandma from down in your area and she said that she's been doing that too. Its amazing how much stuff you can pack in there and then forget about it. Hope the cold goes away fully, and that Bonnie is better in no time. Still wish I could have brought that little one here with me!
I just discovered 3 horses behind my house, so now there are 3 horses and a cow. Just wish it was my land! Wonder if they would realize there was another head out there? :D
Have a great week, glad you posted lady!
Love, Tori

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