Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mom's New Camera

Mom got a new camera (Sony Cyber-shot) on Saturday and took some really nifty pictures when she took Kathy to Anchorage for her last chemo treatment.
Same swans, closer view using binoculars in front of the camera. It's a trick Uncle David told her about.
Sunrise in Homer
The tugboat that Uncle David brought back from... Kotzebue?? Nome, maybe?? Can't remember right off hand but it was really far north, in any case.
Frost on the dock in Homer on Sunday morning. BRRRR!!!
Phaedra Thyme on Saturday night.
Kathy, showing off her dental work, er, smiling.

There are more pictures but blogger is being a pain so I will attempt to post the rest of her pictures at a later date. We are taking Ripple home tomorrow morning and I need to get to bed!


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blondevue... said...

Those are really nice pictures. Love that area of Alaska. The drive always makes me happy to be able to see all of the mountains and the ocean.
Have a great week!

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