Monday, February 16, 2009


Guess what everybody!! For those of you that have been up here, Jason Hoffman got married last night! For those of you that haven't been up here or didn't go to church when you were, Jason is a member of the our (Dad and I) church, in Ninilchik. He married Joanna, Jo, Humphrey, the second daughter of Pastor Humphrey, the pastor of our "mother" church in North Pole, Plack Road Baptist Church. They have a website, for those of you who don't remember, Anywho, she has seven brothers and sisters and, needless to say, they are really bummed that she is moving six hundred miles away but really happy for her to be married. I imagine it's a weird combination and kind of hard to deal with. Though it could be worse. We have a missionary who's in the Middle East and single, at least she didn't marry him! This way, they can see her with only twenty four hours travel time, down and back. I expect to see them a lot in the first year. I know the other girls that have gotten married and moved away have racked up a lot of travel time in the few years since their weddings. Though, they both moved to Texas.
I feel bad that her family is so sad but I'm super excited for her to be down here. The only complete family we've had down here is the pastor and his wife. Their son was here for awhile but he's married with a brand-new baby daughter, in North Pole. So, since their children are both married, they are a complete family. But now we have a YOUNG family! Yahoo!! It doesn't hurt that I really like Joanna.

So, one down, one to go! Caleb Humphrey is engaged to a woman named Lisa. Caleb is Joanna's younger brother. He's staying in North Pole though, with his new bride, you know, after their wedding.

Also, I really like Jason and Jo's love story. It's so much better than the typical, western engagement. Typically, American weddings happen after the physical union is already established but Jason and Jo had their first kiss at their wedding! It's so great! It was such a testimony to the teens and preteens at church. And, I can't think of anything more to say about it so I guess I'll quit going on about it.

In other news, my life is getting busier and busier and busier. Tony has a job now, in Nninilchik, so I might possibly have the girls every day now. When he was helping out at the video/liquor store a few months ago he got his schedule arranged so that he didn't work the days that he had the girls. He might shoot for that again but I'm not sure how that would work where he's at now. Also, Justin and Katrina, Kathy's grandson and granddaughter-in-law, might have me watch their sons when Justin goes back to work. He's a welder on an oil platform down here but he's been laid-off for three months. The platform keeps calling his boss and cancelling their services so he's not sure when he's going back to work. Since the money is great, he can't take another job, so Katrina got a job as a manager at Taco Bell. I think she was working there when they met. Anyway, they have an almost two-year-old and a two-month-old. Jaddrik, the older, is autistic so they have him on organic, gluten and casein free with special vitamins (which is healing the autism by the way) and Joel is still breastfeeding. When Justin goes back to work Katrina is going to need a babysitter and guess who happens to be experienced at that! I remember changing Jaddrik's diaper for the first time after three years of girl diapers. Intellectually, I knew what was in there was different than what I was used to seeing but I was still startled. Weird, I know.

Dad's been doing great with the CPAP but his shoulders still bother him. Mom thinks it might well be a pinched nerve or something but the shoulder doctor that Kathy recommended was a QUACK and wouldn't do anything to fix it. I think it's very telling when the doctor takes x-rays, finds nothing wrong so prescribes some free samples they had laying around the office. Western medicine in all it's glory folks! Well, I got little ones now so I better be wrapping this up.

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Jaime said...

Hello Fellow Church Member!
Nice Blogs, very informative.
You'd better go sledding with us next week... you don't have to sled, just laugh at me when I hyperventilate as I try to climb back up the hill. (truth is, I only go down twice because the climbing back up is KILLER!!)
See ya Wednesday!

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