Thursday, July 17, 2008

Like the new template? I tried to do a cow one but that one didn't work out so well so y'all get my number two favorite thing... Scotland! I'm not sure which Isle it is but it really doesn't matter to me.
Nothing much new to report other than the turkey poults are now outside. They were in the laundry room for three weeks and now they are not. We put wire around the greenhouse since it's not being used this year and moved them in there. It's pretty cool. They seemed so big in their brooder box and now, not so much. Nanook wants to get in there so bad but she keeps getting threatened with the wrist rocket. She is such a chicken.
Missions conference is going on in our mother church this week. I couldn't go up this year but I've been listening to it on the internet every night. There's some pretty powerful preaching going on up there. You can check it out at Awesome stuff.
Well, that's everything that's new on this end. What about y'all?



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the notice of graffiti in that picture. I hadn't taken a closer look at it before. I appreciate that. May I ask where you know me from?

alaskan arndts said...

I'm a member of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Ninilchik. I came up with the Lamberts last year for the revival and Josh and Ang's wedding.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's good. I just joined Plack Road Baptist church this Sunday. It was fun having Pastor Ron and his wife up here for our Missions Conference. It was nice to meet ya. Thanks again for watching out for me. You are so sweet.

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