Thursday, May 22, 2008

She's heeeeerrrrrreeeee!

Well, my May 12th plan didn't work so I got my cow on the 19th. It was a fiasco to say the least. We borrowed a gas guzzler to haul a borrowed stock trailer. $5.15 gas will really suck down the available cash. That's what it is in Cooper Landing where it's the last gas station for a couple hours and if you need to fuel they're it and they can charge whatever they want cause you'll either fuel there or walk back to fill a gas can! Okay, enough ranting.
I named her Bonnie, as in "wee bonnie lass". It means pretty or charming. I like it because it sounds like a cow's name, not a human name that got tacked onto an animal. She's now eight months old and the pictures that the Benjamin's sent me of her don't do her justice. She is a creamy yellow with faint red spots. Dad says she looks like a strawberry roan. Since I have no idea what that looks like I can't agree or disagree. I just know that she is beautiful and very laid-back. Her first halter was put on her in the trailer but we led her from the trailer to the corral with only one twitch that might have turned into a kick if she wanted. She is only waist high on me and if any of you have seen me standing up you'll know that she isn't very tall. Because of the shorthorn blood she'll probably be a round 1100 pounds, full grown. I'm already shopping around for baby-daddies. I'm pretty sure I want to breed back to Highland, especially for her first calf. Decisions, decisions...
For those of you who care, I have been watching Raisa fairly regularly. She'll be a month old on the 26th and I've had her for a couple overnights and one, "only for a couple hours". She almost has the new worn off and is looking more and more like India. I got a pictures of all three of them and they turned out great. So...Enjoy.

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